First Proof of Concept

Interviews across both sites focused on mainly trust, perceived security and usability of the whole process of registering and logging in the Flexpass. Results and feedback exceeded those from a similar exercise in evaluation performed the previous November, that that involved the measurement of similar metrics relating to pre-existing technologies and data security of both organizations. This is especially positive for two reasons; the acceptance of new technologies that will impact the way patients interact with the virtual world. This has particular importance when relating to elderly service users, as they rarely perceive interactions with new technology positively.  Secondly, perceived security and trust in the pre-existing data handling measures and usability of the system at both location services where already high, so the positive feedback from patients is encouraging.

In general, patients were very positive in their responses and were amazed by the possibility of accessing their health assistance accounts by drawing shapes on an image. Patients habitually described this technology as ‘stimulating’ and as a ‘great innovation’ over traditional authentication systems.