Newletter sep21- UCY

FlexPass authentication system Argyris Constantinides, University of Cyprus

The team at the University of Cyprus has been further developing and enhancing the FlexPass authentication system to enable improved and seamless user authentication experience. The major updates include:

  • Improvements of the FlexPass frontend user interface based on the feedback received from patients and usability experts during the Proof of Concept 2 evaluation.
  • Implementation of password security strength meters for both graphical passwords and passphrases.
  • Implementation of a notification service to inform users about suspicious authentication attempts.
  • Implementation of a standalone tool for the analysis of image semantics and properties in order to assist system administrators to find best-fit images for the FlexPass system.
  • Improvements of the multi-factor authentication processes and user interfaces of the Serums Authenticator mobile application.

Personal Note

My involvement in the Serums project as a researcher and software engineer has been beneficial for my PhD studies in two ways. First, I had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from world-class universities and companies, which allowed me to advance my network of collaborators within Europe. Second, I had first-hand experience in applying part of my PhD work in real-world use cases (e.g., investigate whether the personalized user authentication approach of providing images familiar to the patients allows them to create more memorable and secure graphical passwords), and receiving constructive feedback from the Proof of Concept evaluation studies conducted in healthcare organizations. The outcome of the evaluation studies led to a number of publications in top-tier journals and conferences, which is important for my PhD studies and my academic career. – Argyris Constantinides, PhD Candidate, University of Cyprus