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University of St Andrews (USTAN) Healthcare management is an increasingly complex, multi practitioner driven entity, precipitating a pressing need to collect and share highly confidential and personal medical data, obtained from a variety of sources; including personal medical devices. Data sharing may be necessary through a variety of means, including public networks and other systems, whose security cannot be implicitly trusted. It is the role of the University of St Andrews, under the leadership of Dr Juliana Bowles to coordinate the Serums Project. Serums forms part of the Horizon 2020 initiative and combines the expertise of nine institutions across seven countries. The Serums project aims to center future healthcare provision around patient need, enhancing personal care, and maximizing treatment quality, while ensuring patient trust in the security and privacy of their confidential medical data.

Edinburgh Cancer Care (ECC) A Scottish case study to demonstrate the potential of the Serums system has been conceived with Dr Peter Hall, medical oncologist from the Edinburgh Cancer Centre, Western General Hospital.Edinburgh Cancer Care Personalised Treatment will provide a patient app where cancer patients will be able to add information securely and confidentially on their symptoms (i.e. appetite, nausea) between chemotherapy treatments, and clinical staff (e.g., GP or oncologist), can adapt treatment if required to improve their outcome and toxicity levels.

Zuyderland Medisch Centrum (ZMC) Smart Healthcare Centre will be the s ystem for gathering personal data about patients from within and outside of individual hospitals in order to provide patients with personalised advice based on their health situation.

Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (FCRB) Smart Platform will integrate health and care data from the whole patient healthcare ecosystem, combining data gathered from different sources inside the hospital and outside of it, considering different levels of communication. security. Use Cases
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