Update on the Integrated solution, Michael Vinov – IBM

During the second year of the SERUMS project IBM’s Data Fabrication Platform technology has been significantly enhanced to enable improved user experience and fabrication of more complex synthetic data. The major enhancements of the tool include:

  • New Graphical User Interface (GUI) to enable improved user experience and typo-free rules modelling,
  • PRB Solver Parallel Edition to considerably improve the tool performance and enable creation of synthetic big data,
  • Support for new operators to support modelling of new fabrication rules.

The new updated DFP tool version includes a new implementation of a web-based graphical user interface. The new GUI provides a table-based view of the modelled data fields/columns. A set of fabrication rules is virtually associated with each field/column. Besides new interface design and look-and-feel, the new GUI includes a new component called Rule Editor. The new component enables graphical form-based definition of the data fabrication rules/constraints instead of textual definition of the constraints using the tool modelling language available in the previous versions of the GUI. The new Rule Editor significantly improves the modelling efficiency and enables faster learning curve for new users.

The new Data Fabrication Platform version also includes a new enhanced version of the PRB CSP Solver. The new Solver enables to simultaneously solve several CSP problems and thus to concurrently create values for several table rows. This new fabrication mechanism significantly improves the tool performance and enables fabrication of big data.