Second Proof of Concept Update, Emma Morley, USTAN

The system and the password creation process has been showcased to a group of 25 volunteers. The Serums team at the University of St Andrews devised a ‘covid compliant’ series of Teams based test days, where volunteers were given access to the system for the first time, supported by members of the Serums team in real time, should they need assistance. They were able to create their own picture password by choosing an image relevant to them and performed a series of tasks to test the usability of the system. Volunteers were recruited via social media in local Facebook groups across Fife, Tayside and Edinburgh, using online posters featuring a QR code to ensure only local patients were interviewed.

Interested applicants were asked to confirm their location and were interviewed in real time by video link on Teams. This allowed a high degree of confidence in the participants locality.